Bad Design Contest

Capturing everyday encounters with products and services for better living.

Curiosity has been driving our evolution with technology and innovation at the core. Where as design in various forms has been shaping technology to be usable from the stone age era to the current cloud and mobile age. Technology has progressed from being responsive to our needs to being predictive and anticipatory of our future needs across all sectors. While this is a great thing, it might defeat the very purpose of innovation if it is not user centric.

How many times in a day you’ve felt that some things could be “slightly” better? We encounter bad experience with products, services and systems be it at home, work, schools, banks, hospitals, restaurants, or be it with transportation systems, governance systems, automobile, telecommunication systems, entertainment systems, personal technologies like mobile, smart gadgets, wearables and more.


UX India believes that as designers and design sensitive consumers this is our opportunity to help us all live better. Play our part in identifying, highlighting and educating people from adopting bad designs. We should be both gatekeepers and catalysts to raise and spread awareness to the consumers and more importantly to the governance and business in driving user centered innovation. By doing so, we will be well prepared to embrace the good things that technology has to offer with mobile, cloud and IoT for better living in future.

Why participate in Bad Design Contest 2015?

Calling all curious and inquisitive minds to submit their encounters with badly designed products and services. Design experts from UX India will shortlist top 50 entries to be exhibited across India.

An external jury comprising of top design, business and VC leaders will award top 5 finalists that will have a chance to:

  • Attend UX India International conference for free
  • Work with UX India’s expert designers to solve the identified problem
  • Showcase at design exhibitions attended by top government and business officials
  • Get recognized as a design thinker at UX India International conference
  • Get mentioned in our annual book on design with views and opinions from experts
  • Help us live better